First Class in the New Space!!!

Arduino_Uno_-_R3Our first class in the new space will be an intro to Arduino class!

This class is for beginners and does not require any previous experience with Arduino or programming.  The class is free to members and $20 for non-members.


Arduino and components (Available for purchase in class for $20)

  • an Arduino Uno or compatible microcontroller
  • a breadboard
  • assorted jumper wires
  • a few resistors
  • several LEDs
  • two tactile pushbuttons
  • an ultrasonic distance sensor (HC-SR04)
  • a piezoelectric buzzer/speaker

Personal Laptop

  • USB cable to connect the Arduino to your laptop
  • a laptop computer with the Arduino IDE installed before class; you can find the IDE here ( and a tutorial to walk you through the installation can be found here if you need clearer instructions ( – this site has a number of other great tutorials as well!).  If you have trouble getting the IDE installed, please contact us so we can help you get that done before the class.

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