Thanks for the help!

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out this past Tuesday and helped us move.  Even with the cold temperatures, we had 15 people show up.  It made a huge difference and we were able to get everything moved very quickly.


Help us with moving day!!!!

We will be meeting at the new space instead of Asheville Brewing this coming Tuesday.  Most of our equipment is currently stored in another building on Ravenscroft Dr. several blocks away.  We will have a quick meeting and then break into groups to move the equipment.  We will have someone on location to help direct anyone that arrives a little later.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Zak Smolen or Patrick Davis.


Tuesday February 9th, 2016 @ 5:30 PM


207 Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

First Instructable

Thanks go out to Steve for posting the first official Asheville Makers “instructable”.

Find it here!

If you are working on a project and are interested in documenting it and posting it on behalf of the group, drop us a line and we can give you access to the account.

Reminder about the weekly meetup location.

There was a little confusion last week as to the actual time and location of the meetup. Unfortunately, we are still awaiting some last minute renovations and a certificate of occupancy from the city on the new space, so we are still meeting at Asheville Brewing & Pizza Company (downtown location 77 Coxe Ave). Technically, meetups start at 7pm, but many of us begin showing up to hang out at 6pm. If this is your first time out, look for the table with the nerdy looking people (or just ask the hostess where the “makers” are, they typically know us). Hope to see you there.

2016 – New Year, New Space!

Hello everyone!

Well, 2015 is almost over so we wanted to give some updates and talk about some of the changes coming in the new year.  Some of this information is tentative and subject to change.

New Space

If you have attended any of the meetings lately, there is one topic on everyone’s mind.  When will we have a space?  Well we have great news, we plan on moving into a new space in January!  The new space will be located at 207 Coxe Ave.  We are currently waiting on a certificate of occupancy for the building.  Once we have that, we will announce a move-in date, so stay tuned!  For now, here are a few photos of the inside of the building.



Tools that will be available at the new space

  • 3D Printers (two with approx 12″x12″x12″ build area, one that is smaller)
  • Electronics Tools and Prototyping Equipment (Oscilloscopes, power supplies, multi-meters, circuit prototyping equipment, etc)
  • Various Hand Tools
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Several Desktop Computers
  • Engine Hoist (for lifting heavy items)

Tools we plan on having soon after opening

  • CNC Router (on loan from a member – assuming that we have an appropriate space for it, and where it can be secured)
  • Laser Cutter (hoping to secure funding to purchase one within a few months of moving into the space)

New Membership Levels

With the new year and a new space comes new membership levels. The board has worked hard to create levels that they think will appeal to potential members as well as allow us to provide the space.

  • $50 – Membership

A Member is entitled to any member discounts on classes and tool use.  Members have full Maker Space access and may obtain an RFID key to give them 24/7 access to the Maker Space. In addition, Members are entitled to store personal items in a storage locker (should these be available) and vote on all issues, including elections.  Members who have been continuous members for the past 6 months as of the time of a board election may run for a position on the board.

  • $25 – Supporting Membership

A Supporting Member is entitled to all of the above benefits, except for full Maker Space access and the use of a storage locker.  Supporting Members may only access and use the Maker Space during designated “Open Hours”, or if accompanied by a Member.

New Workshops

In February, we will be offering a workshop for people who are interested in learning about Arduino.  The workshop will focus on an introduction the components, inputs, outputs, and programming the Arduino.

We have more workshops planned for this year, so stay tuned!

New Events

The Asheville Makers participated in the Barn​es & Noble Mini Maker Faire the weekend of November 6th with one group at the Asheville Mall ​location ​on Friday evening and another group at the Biltmore Square location on Saturday afternoon.  20151107_132648

Tom Heck brought his hovercraft, and riding that was, as it always is, the highlight ​o​f the event​ for the many kids there​.


However, the hovercraft had more ​competition than usual ​for ‘most popular’ ​since Tom also brought a giant air cannon capable of shooting “smoke” rings through the store (not actual smoke, but instead  a chemical fog that, luckily, did not set off any fire alarms…).  This was also a huge crowd pleaser with one woman coming up to us and asking how much it cost to buy one.  When Tom explained it wasn’t for sale but that ​it was easy to make​ one​, she became quite puzzled and asked “You mean you’re not selling anything?”  Overall, the event generated a lot of smiles from the kids (and adults) and some good exposure for the Asheville Makers.  We were told that Barnes and Noble hopes to make this a regular event, so those who missed out will have opportunities to join us at the next one!

Well that’s it for now, see you next year!



Important Notice: Location Change


For those of you that haven’t been regularly coming (or perhaps are new), we are in the process of moving to a new location. Unfortunately, due to some timing issues, we had to move out of the old space before the new location was ready, so for the time being we will be meeting at Asheville Brewing and Pizza Company downtowm (77 Coxe Ave) which is just a couple blocks from the new space, same time (Tuesday 7pm).

This week in particular (10/6), we will be doing a showing of the new location beforehand, so come check out the new space @ 207 Coxe Ave, from 6:30pm ’til 7:15pm, and then meander over to grab some food and drinks with us for the rest of the evening.

Weekly meetup time change

FYI: Our weekly hangout / meetup / social / open house is now from 7pm until 9pm (still Tuesdays). Most likely folk will still be around earlier working on projects and whatnot. Meetups begin with a 15-20 minute general meeting that everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, followed by social hangout / project time for the rest of the evening.

New Classes for May & June

There are new classes up on the calendar:

  • May 30th ( 1pm to 3pm ) – Learn to Solder Workshop. If you’ve been to one of our learn to solder events before, this might be old hat, but whether you’re totally new to soldering, want to brush up your skills, or your kids just want to do it yet again, come on out and put together a simple blinking robot badge. No RSVP required, feel free to just show up any time during the 2-hour block. [Cost: Free for Members, $3 for Non-Members]
  • June 13th ( 1pm to 3pm) – DIY Radio Transmitter Workshop. Come learn the basics of AM Radio and build your own mini broadcasting station. All ages welcome. This class is limited to 15 people, so make sure to sign up early. If it fills up, we will consider holding it again in July. [Cost: $20 for Members, $30 for Non-Members] Click here to RSVP & Pay online.

And, here are some of the workshops in the queue / planning stages for the rest of the year:

  • Build Your Own HoverCraft
  • Homemade Speakers
  • DIY Synthesizers, Audio Amplifiers, & Other Noisy Things
  • Build your own Arduino from scratch
  • Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Components
  • Introduction to Arduino Programming
  • Sewing Machine Basics
  • T-Shirt Screen Printing
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Build your own Body Form for clothes making

If you have ideas or requests for classes, or especially if you want to offer / teach something of your own (and non-technical is great too!), drop us a line.

Moving In!

We are pleased to announce that we have found a home for the MakerSpace and are getting ready to move in!

This coming week will be our last time meeting at Standard Pizza, so come on out at 6pm for some food and drinks, and then we’ll transition over to the new space around 7pm to show it off and continue socializing (or just meet us there – it’s only a few blocks away). The new address is 285/295 Haywood Rd, at the corner of Haywood and Haywood in West Asheville. Hope to see you there!

Details about our time frame for opening, how to help with getting the location ready, what we need, and official memberships will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. A big thank you to everyone who has supported and helped to organize the Asheville Makers up to this point!