Membership Info

What does membership get me? All members are granted 24/7 space access, are entitled to the use of all tools and equipment (pending training), storage space, and to vote on all topics and issues brought before the general membership, including elections.

What do my membership dues go towards? Membership dues go towards paying the rent/utilities and general operating costs such as purchasing supplies and maintaining equipment. After that, excess money goes towards purchasing new equipment.

How do I become a member? If you are interested in membership, we encourage you to come to our monthly open house on the first Tuesday of the month @7pm to check out the space. To officially join, you must come down to the space, meet with (and be vetted by) at least one board member. There will be some paperwork to fill out, and you must be able to provide a government issued photo ID as proof of your identity. If the open house does not work for you, or you are so excited to join that you just really can’t wait until the next one, send an email to the board: and we will try and find a day/time that does.

How much are dues? Membership dues are $50/month. To sign up for recurring dues payments, see below.

What if I’m not a member? That’s okay! And there is no pressure to join. You are welcome to come to any of our open meetups or events.