Membership Info

What does membership get me? All members are entitled to the use of all tools and equipment (pending training), member discounts on classes and tool use, and to vote on all topics and issues brought before the general membership, including elections.

What do my membership dues go towards? Membership dues go towards paying the rent and general operating costs such as purchasing supplies and maintaining equipment. After that, excess money goes towards purchasing new equipment.

How do I become a member? COVID-19 Update. Our typical membership application process involves attending (2) weekly meetups/events followed by a vote of the existing members. In the absence of in-person events, the process to become a member involves having a brief interview/tour of the space with a current board member or appointed representative. The board will then determine whether or not to approve the membership request. To schedule an interview/tour, sign up for and post to the Google Group, or alternatively send the board an email directly to If you are simply curious about the space in general, feel free to join one of our every-other-week virtual meetups. See the Calendar for dates.

What if I’m not a member? That’s okay! You are welcome to come to any of our weekly meetups, events, or even randomly hang out at the space – provided that there is a member willing to host you while you are there.


Full Membership: $50 / month

Full Members have complete 24/7 access and may obtain an RFID key to give them 24/7 access to the Maker Space, as well as the ability to store personal items in the designated member storage area.

Supporting Membership: $25 / month

Supporting Members may only access and use the Maker Space during designated “Open Hours”, or if a full member is currently in the space.

Paying Dues

Option 1: Pay in Cash at a regular meetup.

Option 2: Pay via Paypal

Send payment via Paypal directly from your account to, or for your convenience you may sign up for a recurring membership below.

NOTE: If you have not gone through the membership process listed above, please read the above section “How do I become a member?” before paying.

Recurring Membership Payment