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Shapeoko 3 CNC machine class

We will be hosting a Shapoko 3 CNC machine class on June 23rd @ 7:00 PM!

Click HERE for more information

Details:  Anyone interested in using the CNC machine needs to take this class prior to using the machine, or otherwise demonstrate proficiency in CNC milling and a knowledge of the Shapeoko 3 machine in particular.  This class will be limited to current members of the Asheville Makers.  We may plan another class open to non-members if there is interest, so e-mail us if you are not a member but would be interested in learning to use the CNC machine.


Blast Off!

On Monday May 23, the Asheville Makers helped with a paper rocket building and launching session led by Tom Heck at the Rainbow Community School in West Asheville.  After an outstanding presentation by Tom on goal setting for the 4th graders, the kindergartners came and joined their 4th grade “buddies” to build and then launch paper rockets.  In addition to learning about goals, the kids had a great time (just look how high they jumped to ensure a good launch!)



First class and this weeks meeting

Arduino Class

We had a great turn out and a lot of fun this weekend at the Intro to Arduino class.  A big thanks to Steve for putting this class together and helping with getting everything setup.  Nick also did a great job with teaching the material and answering questions.  We learned a lot about what works and what needs to be adjusted to make the class engaging and fun for everyone.

We also want to thank all of the participants who came to the class!  You guys were great and it was awesome to see the gears turning as you learned about the capabilities of the Arduino.  We will be offering some more classes soon!

Here is a picture of the class in session.


This Weeks Meeting

Just a quick reminder to everyone coming to the meeting this week.  We are hosting a brain-storming session after the initial agenda is covered.

Be Thinking About:

  • What we can do to increase membership
  • What you expect from the makerspace as a member
  • The kinds of tools you would like to see the group purchase
  • Topics for workshops you would like to host or attend

See you there!


First Class in the New Space!!!

Arduino_Uno_-_R3Our first class in the new space will be an intro to Arduino class!

This class is for beginners and does not require any previous experience with Arduino or programming.  The class is free to members and $20 for non-members.


Arduino and components (Available for purchase in class for $20)

  • an Arduino Uno or compatible microcontroller
  • a breadboard
  • assorted jumper wires
  • a few resistors
  • several LEDs
  • two tactile pushbuttons
  • an ultrasonic distance sensor (HC-SR04)
  • a piezoelectric buzzer/speaker

Personal Laptop

  • USB cable to connect the Arduino to your laptop
  • a laptop computer with the Arduino IDE installed before class; you can find the IDE here ( and a tutorial to walk you through the installation can be found here if you need clearer instructions ( – this site has a number of other great tutorials as well!).  If you have trouble getting the IDE installed, please contact us so we can help you get that done before the class.

Click HERE to find out more!